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The Marshall Tucker Band is an American rock band from Spartanburg, South Carolina. The group’s classic lineup consisted of lead singer and keyboardist Doug Gray, guitarists Toy Caldwell and Tommy Caldwell, bassist and vocalist George McCorkle, drummer Paul Riddle, trumpeter, and flugelhorn player Jerry Eubanks. “Can’t You See” is their most popular song, which peaked at number 75 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1977. The Marshall Tucker Band has released a total of 22 studio albums, 7 live albums, and 12 compilations. They have had 6 gold and 1 platinum album.

Band History and Career

The Marshall Tucker Band was founded in Spartanburg, South Carolina, in 1972 by Toy Caldwell (guitar, fiddle, mandolin, steel guitar), his brother Tommy Caldwell (bass guitar), and George McCorkle (rhythm guitar). Other members of the original band included lead singer Doug Gray, keyboardist Frank Coughlan, and drummers Paul Riddle and Jerry Eubanks. Tommy Caldwell wrote or co-wrote most of the band’s material, which often reflected his personal interests in Southern culture, religion, cars, and the outdoors.

The Caldwell brothers and McCorkle first played together in a band called The Toy Factory in the late 1960s. They cut a few singles that received local airplay but did not achieve any national success. In 1972, they decided to form their own band and recruited Gray, Coughlan, Riddle, and Eubanks. The Marshall Tucker Band was named after a blind piano tuner. The band’s self-titled debut album was released in 1973 and included the hit single “Can’t You See.” The album reached No. 38 on the Billboard 200 chart and was certified Gold by the RIAA. The band’s second album, A New Life, was released in 1974 and reached No. 27 on the Billboard 200. The album Where We All Belong was released in 1974 and was certified gold by the RIAA. The Marshall Tucker Band’s fourth album, Searchin’ for a Rainbow, was released in August 1975 and reached No. 15 on the Billboard 200. The album included the single “Fire on the Mountain”. The Marshall Tucker Band’s fifth album, Long Hard Ride, was released in June 1976. This album featured keyboardist Paul Riddle and guitarist Tommy Caldwell, who had recently joined the band. The album reached No. 32 on the Billboard 200 chart and was nominated for a Grammy.

The following year, the Marshall Tucker Band released their sixth album, Carolina Dreams. The album featured the hit single “Heard It in a Love Song”, which reached No. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The album peaked at No. 11. Album was the band’s album to be certified Platinum by the RIAA. The band’s seventh album, Together Forever, was released in 1978. The band’s next album, 1979’s Running Like the Wind, reached number 22 on the Billboard 200 chart.

The 1980s were a big decade for the Marshall Tucker Band. They released a total of six albums. The band’s lineup changed a bit in the 80s, with bassist Tommy Caldwell leaving in 1980. Anthony Crawford also joined the band during this decade, playing guitar and adding his distinctive vocals to the mix.

The 1990s were a quieter decade for the Marshall Tucker Band, with only five albums released. However, these albums were still well-received by fans and critics alike. The band continued to tour regularly throughout the decade.

The 2000s saw a resurgence in popularity for the Marshall Tucker Band. They released three albums, one of which was a greatest hits collection. The band also toured extensively during this decade, including a highly successful reunion tour with original bassist Tommy Caldwell.

Current Members

The current members of the Marshall Tucker Band are:

  • Doug Gray – lead vocals
  • Marcus James Henderson – saxophonist and flautist
  • Chris Hicks – guitarists
  • Rick Willis – guitarists
  • Tony Black – bassist
  • B.B. Borden – drummer


  • The Marshall Tucker Band (1973)
  • A New Life (1974)
  • Where We All Belong (1974)
  • Searchin’ for a Rainbow (1975)
  • Long Hard Ride (1976)
  • Carolina Dreams (1977)
  • Together Forever (1978)
  • Running Like the Wind (1979)
  • Tenth (1980)
  • Dedicated (1981)
  • Tuckerized (1982)
  • Just Us (1983)
  • Greetings from South Carolina (1983)
  • Still Holdin’ On (1988)
  • Southern Spirit (1990)
  • Still Smokin’ (1992)
  • Walk Outside the Lines (1993)
  • Face Down in the Blues (1998)
  • Gospel (1999)
  • Beyond the Horizon (2004)
  • Carolina Christmas (2005)
  • The Next Adventure (2007)